Springs Fever: A Field & Recreation Guide to 500 Florida Springs.

Blue Spring

Lafayette County

Summary of Features

  • Scale -2nd magnitude
  • Scenery  -fine
  • How Pristine?  -remnant of stone structure around spring, cleared land, beach area
  • Swimming -fair, water is sulfurous
  • Protection -excellent
  • Wildlife -fair to good
  • Crowds -can be crowded on warm weekends
  • Access -fine
  • Facilities -good
  • Safety -very good
  • Scuba -no
  • Cost -free


Address, phone, and web link: 799 NW Blue Spring Road, Mayo, FL 32066, (386) 294-366, www.floridastateparks.org/park/Lafayette-Blue-Springs

From Mayo, travel northwest on U.S. 27/SR 20 for 3-4 miles. Turn right onto Highway 251B (look for sign for the state park), go about two miles, and then turn right (east) at the sign for the state park. Follow road to the entrance.

Spring Description

Separating the spring pool and its run is a natural limestone bridge that you can walk over (unless the river is high) or swim under. The bridge is about 30 feet across and 12 feet wide. The water is clear but has a greenish tint most of the time and is canopied, making it difficult to see to the bottom of the 35-foot pool. The pool has sheer limestone walls. Upwelling water is evident in the main pool, which is oval and about 45 by 80 feet. The run on the other side of the limestone bridge is about 75 feet and cascades into the Suwannee with a steady roar. Despite the stairs leading to the spring, the area is eroded from human use.

The spring itself is surrounded on three sides with steep bluffs with a wooden stairway on two sides. Nearby are two large spring-sinks or karst windows, Yana and Snake. Just as you enter the park, turn to the right and walk through the opening in the fence to a long and narrow spring-sink that bends at a 90-degree angle. This is Snake Sink. A path leads around it to Yana Sink, which is more oval-shaped. Both are similar to Blue Spring in appearance, as they are countersunk from the surrounding surface about 25 feet and have steep sides. Several smaller sinks are nearby. A tunnel connects Yana and Snake. It is clear that waterflows from Yana to Snake and thence to Blue.


Personal Impressions

A very interesting site that is accessible but which is best to visit on weekdays or in the winter to avoid the crowds.

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